Movement to Pakistan

Your international move must be started at least eight weeks before your intended date of departure.
 • The Night Before
 • Moving Day
 • Week One
 • Week Two
 • Week Three
 • Week Four
 • Week Five
 • Week Six
 • Week Seven
 • Week Eight

    The Night Before

 • Arrange passports, visas, plane tickets and valuables and keep separately from packed goods for shipment. Suitcases can be placed in temporary custody of a trusted neighbor's house.
 • Cleaning and airing of stoves and emptied refrigerator can be done tonight. Breakfast should be a simple meal with easily disposable items e.g. paper plates, paper cups etc.
 • Dispose of all remaining flammables, dangerous or hazardous materials. Throw away all bottles of nail polish, and liquids in glass bottles. Bleach and ammonia, if spilled, broken or leaking can cause considerable damage to other items in a shipment and should not be packed.
 • Arrange all final payments.
 • Sleep well after the farewell party.

   Moving Day

 • Let the professional movers take over and pack all your household goods for shipment. Make sure that you or your spouse is on hand to supervise the packing making sure nothing is left behind and to receive your copies of the shipping documents. For further information email us at Know someone who's moving? Suggest this site to them!

   Week One

 • Valuables such as jewelery and other items from your safe deposit lockers must be removed and packed. Never ship valuables and always carry them with you.
 • Items that you will need immediately on arrival may be sent by airfreight now to ensure timely arrival and clearance.
 • Store all unwanted items at this time.
 • Check all suitcases and their straps, rollers and locks and have them repaired if necessary. New bags if required to be bought at this time.
 • If taking laptop or notebook computer, make backup copies of all data and check the manual for the procedure for "parking the heads for shipping".

   Week Two

 • Inform friends and relatives the new addresses and telephone numbers.
 • Obtain information about driving rules, laws and tax implications in Pakistan, to avoid unknowingly breaking the law.
 • Transfer of funds to overseas accounts, closure of bank accounts, collect all original stock certificates, share certificates, will etc. and pack in separate container.
 • Obtain variety of currency from your bank which you may need in transit to Pakistan and even Pakistani currency if available. US Funds are easily converted to Pakistani Rupees on arrival and even in the city.
 • Preferably carry only credit cards or easily replaceable traveler’s checks. Keep a list of numbers of cards and checks separately in your suitcase or with some other person traveling with you.

   Week Three

 • Purchase tags for all luggages.
 • Return borrowed items like library books, videos etc. and collect items that you have lent others. This will help you keep your latest inventory up to date.
 • Inform utility services and delivery firms about your intended date of departure and start cutting back on grocery purchases and begin using up your perishables. Inform newspaper agents and settle accounts with them and supermarkets. Arrange for essential utilities such as gas, electricity, water and telephone to continue through moving day so that these services will remain in effect until you leave premises.
 • Send garments and carpets for cleaning. Clothing travels best when it is clean and dry. Cleaning will also help retard the growth of mold and mildew.
 • Give unsold items to charity. Call up and have them picked up.

   Week Four

 • If living in a tenancy apartment or house, notice to be given to the landlord canceling the agreement. If living in own house, make arrangements to sell it or offer it for rent.
 • Set a packing date with your movers to pack your items. Remember to inform them about things that you are not shipping, items yet to be acquired. Last minute additions will add to the weight and volume of your shipment and increase costs.
 • Ask your bankers for opening an overseas bank account in their own branch if they have one or in a corresponding bank.
 • Practice the new language and review information collected about Pakistan.
 • Purchase a money pouch or a belt for keeping valuables during travel.
 • Records from school, doctors, and dentists must be obtained and copied, and filed.

   Week Five

 • Taxes must be prepared and cleared. If possible obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate well in advance.
 • Advise your post office about change in address. Discuss mail forwarding and give necessary instructions.
 • Update or make a new will and consider giving a power of attorney to a close friend or relative to attend to unfinished business after your departure.

   Week Six

 • Obtain your International Driving Permit. Also ensure that your local license is valid for at least a couple of years.
 • Start preliminary talks for obtaining information about insurance coverage for your automobile and household goods. If your existing company can make arrangements with its counterpart in Pakistan to extend coverage of this policy it is the best thing. Remember this policy is different from the marine policy that your mover will arrange for marine cover for your goods while they are in transit to you. We are talking about home coverage and the normal auto policy.
 • Club memberships to be canceled or transferred to the new country if possible.

   Week Seven

 • Make a complete list of your household things that you plan to take with you along with makes, model numbers and serial numbers;
 • Things that you do not want to take with you should be kept aside for a Garage Sale;
 • Out of your major appliances determine which will work abroad and that you can take with you. Get these serviced and ensure that you carry the most basic or likely to be needed parts with you. It can be a pain to find the right parts in a foreign country;
 • Bulky items of furniture need to be checked to decide what to take and what to sell or put in storage; autos if not to be shipped should be sold (asap;).
 • Make arrangements for your airplane ticketing for self and family. If you’re planning to take a pet to Pakistan, ensure that you have all details about their paper work and formalities. Most of the countries have quarantine regulations and need pets to have shots and certificates from Vets stating that they are free from certain diseases.
 • Pets can either travel on the same flight that you do (in the cargo area) or the airline will make special arrangements. Ensure that you obtain all details. If in doubt call Carry Packers International for special pet moving service.
 • Start search of a moving company specializing in international moves and ask for a survey to be conducted. Check around for reputed companies who get a good review. Check with Carry Packers International, we have associates worldwide in all countries.

   Week Eight

 • Obtain all necessary documents such as passport, visas, and other information from the nearest Embassy or Consulate. Make sure that your passport is valid and visas are current. Sometimes or even many a times it is easier to get your passports renewed or visas extended abroad than it is in Pakistan. Bureaucracy does have its own sweet will and takes its own time.
 • If you are a foreign national moving to Pakistan, a basic language course in at least one local Pakistani language (Urdu) is essential. Carry Packers International can provide a tutor once you move in. Even a limited vocabulary of few frequently used words is enough to get you by (this does not include that the cuss words which people will teach you first). You must remember to purchase a bilingual dictionary.
 • Your job permits, and work and residential permits must be prepared by your employer well in advance to save you headaches. If you need assistance Carry Packers International can help you.
 • Inquire about the necessary documentation that is required for import of your household goods and personal effects into the country. Though in most western countries these formalities are relatively easy in some countries they are quite difficult. In Pakistan you do not have to do any paper formalities either before hand or on arrival into the country. Everything has to be done after your arrival into the country. Carry Packers International can handle all your import formalities.
 • If possible make at least one trip to Pakistan to do the following things before making the jump and moving everything here.
- To locate suitable living accommodation, get in touch with a real estate broker or even a developer if you plan to purchase a plot of land and have it built and to become familiar with the new city. Carry Packers International has contracts with many real estate brokers and property consultants to help you find your "dream house".
- Visit schools if you need to enroll your children here. Carry Packers International can advise you on the best available schools (local or international)
- If you do not have credit cards, make sure you apply for a Visa or a MasterCard or American Express as they are the most widely accepted cards worldwide and even in Pakistan.





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